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My lifestyle is the result of passions I’ve been developing since I was a little kid- and still today- where I live outdoors whenever possible, have a ton of energy, and a strong sense of adventure. Whether it's through whitewater rafting and SUP, skiing and snowboarding, photography and design, or carving and sculpture, I thrive on physical and mental challenges and feel most alive when I’m experiencing the thrills of the natural elements on their level.

After growing up on a pretty set path of education, towards college, towards a career, all I saw myself working towards was a bigger desk, longer hours and less time or energy to do anything I actually cared about. Reality is only what you make of it, and while that pressure on yourself can become daunting at times, I know it’s the only true path to happiness and fulfillment.

After resigning from three worthwhile years with an Engineering Project Management Firm, I spent that next winter preparing for a huge life transition. I ultimately decided that the best way for me to live and work in beautiful places was to become a guide, and having found an incredible opportunity out West, I drove across the country from Massachusetts to Oregon in 2011. I’m thrilled to call Hood River home.

I currently split my time guiding wilderness expeditions for Northwest Rafting Co, and teaching kayaking through the Sundance Kayak School, mainly in Oregon and Idaho. I spent a couple of seasons teaching skiing and snowboarding in CO, but found myself disenfranchised by the resort-based culture of the industry. I have instead chosen to focus my ‘off-season’ time on the beautiful expression of creative pursuits.

I’m convinced that a meaningful relationship between people and their environment has endless benefits towards a more personally fulfilling and altruistic lifestyle.

My artwork is a reflection of the natural, humbling, life-giving environments that I am inspired to find myself surrounded by on a daily basis. While this lifestyle is certainly not without sacrifice, the bold colors, powerful scenery and an unmatched sense of both scale and complexity serve as a necessary reminder that we’re all in this together.

In a built environment which tends to isolate, as opposed to integrate us into the rest of the ‘real’ world out there, my hope is that we can at least adorn our white walls with the grandeur of the natural world we’re so fortunate to live within.

Inspiration for adventure.

Ryan Saevitz


Oregon Licensed River Guide

Idaho Licensed River Guide

Swiftwater Rescue Technician

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

CPR Heartsaver

Open Water SCUBA